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What Clients Are Sharing

When I first met Marie, I was immediately struck by how comfortable I felt in her presence.  I always felt like she listened to everything I said with no judgement and responded in thoughtful and meaningful ways.  During the course of my coaching sessions with her, there were times when I had sort of "dropped the ball"; times when I wasn't showing up for myself.  And through all of it, she believed in me and encouraged me when I couldn't do it for myself.  I will always be grateful for that.  With her support, I was able to plant the seed of my dream life, and now a few months later, I am happy to say that I am working step by step toward fulfilling that vision of having my own massage practice.  As I make those small steps, the path unfolds in front of me, with the right people and circumstances showing up at the right time.  I am now creating the life I want to have and do not feel as though I am fighting the current like I used to I am able to do this because Marie helped me believe it is possible.  She is a truly compassionate, intuitive and patient person, capable of giving that support and guidance that I was looking for. 

                                                                           ~ Dori B.

Marie's kind and understanding nature helped make it comfortable to share with her as she intelligently guided me through exploring the alternatives I had and the starting points to begin dealing with a personal obstacle in my life. Her caring support meant the world to me!   

                                                                ~ Michelle R. 

I attended Marie's Life Coaching (3) Mini-Workshop Sessions (Life Purpose, Mindfulness, Work-Life-Balance) at King County Library System, Maple Valley Branch.  Her energy and the workshop format was fantastic.  It was a place to reflect, learn, share and do a first dive into these topics.  Her approach, presentation, and handouts were dynamic and very helpful.  I loved this opportunity and look forward to future sessions with Marie.   

                                ~ Kay Wilson, workshop participant 2018

Procrastination, often brought on by self-doubt, is a common roadblock in accomplishing your goals.  That was my case when I first met Marie Johnson.  I was in a state of confusion at the time, stuck in an unhappy situation and not sure what to do next to change my circumstances.  I had lofty goals, but they seemed unreachable, partly due to where I had relocated after living in Florida for nearly 30 years.  My career as a writer was stalled.  I knew I had to reinvent my life but didn't know what to do or where to go.  I did not want to unload my issues or complaints on friends and family.  They all had problems of their own and I did not need their sympathy but objective guidance.  Marie's thoughtful approach is what I needed.  She listens, really listens.  I had never engaged the services of a life coach before and I did not know what to expect.  Marie asked me questions that penetrated my emotions and I really had to think about the answers.  Through a comforting and nurturing process, Marie has helped me to reconstruct my journey and I am moving forward again.  I will always be thankful for her insights, compassion and suggestions.  Our relationship has grown and I am so relieved to know that Marie is available to me whenever I need to sort out messy life issues which besets us all.  I can't recommend her enough!      

~ Susan E.

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