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Rest, nurture and renew as you bathe in the sound and vibrations of Crystal Singing bowls, Alchemy bowls, Tibetan bowls, Gong and other lovely sound tools.

Whether as an individual treatment or a small group experience, a sound bath offers the gift of soft, healing vibration that soothes and supports chakra cleansing, energetic balancing, emotional release, rest and rejuvenation as well as an opportunity for deep restoration.

Guided by intuition and connection to participants, it is a joy to offer the opportunity to receive sound healing. Some participants practice deep meditation, some sleep, some connect to a deeper level of consciousness.  Clients have the option to lay on yoga mats with support of blankets, pillows & eye covers as well as any seating that supports their comfort.  Private sessions also offered on a padded treatment table. It is essentially you being gently massaged by soothing and grounding sounds.

Disclaimer: Due to the frequencies of vibrational sound, please check with your physician prior to participating if you are sensitive to sound, have metal implants, pins & screws, a pacemaker, conditions such as Epilepsy, Tinnitus or Meniere's or even during pregnancy.

Schedule your session today at 206-501-1204

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